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Online Animation School: Rendering Problems in Creatoon – Anime Studio Tutorials & More
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Online Animation School: Rendering Problems in Creatoon

Are you having problems rendering your NTSC AVI cartoon with Creatoon?

I can’t tell you how many times I tried to render a finished animation, only to go in each time and view what looked like a big ball of fuzz with some movement in it.  After much, much, trial and error, I discovered that there are only a few settings that will render a great looking product.  If you’re not European, you’re going to want a final product that’s NTSC, and not PAL settings.

Here’s how to render NTSC video:


You’ll have to configure your scene and your camera to match, so right click on scene >configure.  The default setting of 768:576 is PAL (for Europe).  Change it to 720:576 (NTSC for USA TV).  You may wish to increase the Anti-aliasing from the default, but don’t do that until you’ve tried rendering a short (a couple seconds) animation that contains a lot of motion.  Increasing the anti-aliasing reduces the lines that will appear in your finished animation. 

What lines in my finished animation?

When a character moves too fast, the final rendered animation will have lines that aren’t consistent with the image files you’ve imported into your scene.  YOU’LL KNOW THEM WHEN YOU SEE THEM!



Right click on the “Camera” on the right hand column (the tree view or hierarchical view) of your scene, click “configure”, and change your aspect ratio to match that of your scene (720:576). 



Click the filmstrip icon to render your animation.  Using the following settings will render a good finished product.

Render Module:  RGB Render software module

Format:  AVI

Prefix:  Make sure it’s 3 characters OR LESS!  I don’t know why, but the manual says it’s important.

Make sure the rest of your settings are consistent with the rest of your project.

Make sure “FIELD RENDERING ”  is checked.

When you okay it, you’ll be given another screen to decide which compressor you want to use.

Select Full frames (Uncompressed) for the highest quality, and okay it.


RENDER and WAIT, and WAIT, and WAIT…




…and wait, and wait, and wait….



… and wait, and…



…YOU’RE DONE!  You’ve made your own cartoon!


The sample Creatoon video I posted here is only about 25 seconds of animation (or so), and it took about 2 hours of rendering on a pretty fast dual core processor computer.  Patience is a virtue! 






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