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Online animation school- How do I make eyes blink in Creatoon? – Anime Studio Tutorials & More
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Online animation school- How do I make eyes blink in Creatoon?


Feel free to download this character and put him together.


NOTE:  You will probably have to re-size some of these parts with the translational tool to make them fit correctly. 

TIP:  Hold the shift key while clicking and dragging the corner dot of the square of the translational tool to make the object change size in its correct proportions.

Don’t forget, you’ll have to duplicate the part named “eyes black” to get your 2nd eyeball.  You could make two of these spaced apart correctly as one png file and only import one, making things less confusing, but I like to have two so I can make my character have crazy eyes or focus his eyes close (as if something landed on his nose). 

Next, line up both sets of eyelids.  The partly closed ones should go at the top of the whites of his eyes, and the fully closed eyes should cover his whites completely.

Now, you’ll have to set the depth of each object with the sorting tool.  Click the sorting tool, then right click in the scene to set the object’s depth.  Set the “rc closed eyes” behind the “rc” head.  Obviously, his pupils will go in front of his head.  Set the depth of his partly closed eyes in front of his whichever pupil is farthest forward in the scene.

To make him blink:  For this test, click your timeline at  key frame 60, select the “rc closed eyes” from your right hand column, right click your timeline to “set key frames”, then, using the depth sorting tool, set your closed eyes in front of your farthest forward body part.  This should be his partly closed eyes.  To make him open his eyes, go forward in your timeline about to frame 64, right click to add key frames, and change the depth of his closed eyes back to behind his head (rc). 

Now, play your animation back to watch him blink.


In our next session of animation school, you’ll learn how to make your character speak.

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