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Online animation school- How do I make a character talk in Creatoon? – Anime Studio Tutorials & More
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Online animation school- How do I make a character talk in Creatoon?

This may seem easy for some people, but for someone new to cartoon animation and unfamiliar with their options, they may be asking,

“How do I make my character talk?  How do I change the mouth of my character in Creatoon?”

If you’ve already viewed the animation school lesson How do I make eyes blink in Creatoon? , you may have some idea already.  You really should become familiar with the techniques in that lesson before continuing on with this lesson. 

There are a few different ways to make your characters talk in Creatoon. 

The fastest (but not the most accurate) way is to creat a mouth for your character that’s nothing more than a black circle.  You can play back your audio file (which you’ve imported into your scene) and your scene.  With your mouth highlighted and grabbing the edge of your translational tool, you flatten the mouth to close it, and stretch it back out round to open it.  If your scene is playing, as you move the mouth to the audio clip, Creatoon will automatically place keyframes on every frame you’ve moved the mouth for.  You can then go back frame by frame to fine tune your mouth lyp sinc.  Don’t try to attempt the same trick a second time, though.  You’ll end up with a mouth that moves a hundred miles an hour.  If you’re way off the first time you try it, it’s better to just erase those keyframes and start over.

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