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Money Making Ideas – Anime Studio Tutorials & More
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Money Making Ideas

This is a basic article on how to make money with cartoons.  For a more complete understanding: Click Here to learn how to make money with your art or cartoons.

So, you enjoy drawing, and you think animation might be something you’d like to try, either as a hobby or a source of additional cash.  In this article we’ll explore some possible methods to help you earn money with your cartoons.

As of 2009, the United States are in a financial slump.  That’s something that can work for an animator.  Traditionally, during tough financial times there’s a particular field of business that people still support.  Entertainment.  Whether it’s booze or TV, people want to escape into their own little fantasy world where they can forget about the tough times, and spend very little money doing it. 

How do cartoons make money?

While there are certain luxuries that people will cut back on, the internet has become a necessity for most.  The rising cost of postage has turned many to online banking to save money, email is a vital form of daily communication for most, and high speed internet means anyone can have their own online TV show.  

Why not take advantage of this and make your own TV show online?

If you have the necessary skills to make a quality animation, why not bring in some extra spending cash from it? 

Check out Alan Becker’s stick figure animations on YouTube.  He really has a lot of creativity, and has had millions of views of his videos (collectively).  Imagine converting that kind of traffic into cash.  In the online world, a million viewers can get you A LOT OF MONEY!  Pretty good.  Especially for how simple his videos are (compared to high quality, full scale animation).

In our next article, we’ll talk about how to make money online by converting web traffic into cash with online advertising programs.

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