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Audio limitations to making cartoons with Creatoon cartoon creation program

Limitations to making cartoons with Creatoon.


While I absolutely love Creatoon as a beginner’s program for making cartoons, it has it’s limitations.  One of the big ones is that…

 you can’t render your cartoon with sound! 

This is an easy work-around, of course.  Creatoon will allow you to import sound to lipsync your animation to, but then, you must render it, export to something like Windows Movie Maker, and then import your sound files into WMM (almost any video editing program will allow you to import sound as a narration or soundtrack) to get your final product.  If you have several characters talking throughout your video, this could get quite time consuming.  You may have to import>render>repeat many times to finish your cartoon, once for each character’s voice, every background noise, and your soundtrack.

Despite the limitations in the program, there are enough free programs to work with Creatoon to complete a fairly decent 2-D style cartoon.


Lip syncing with Creatoon

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