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Creatoon cut-out cartoon making program

Are you a beginner at making your own cartoons?  If so, the program Creatoon is for you.  It’s probably the easiest to learn to use, and it’s free!  That doesn’t mean it’s bad, though.  You can make your own 2D style cartoons (South Park style), and be up and running in no time!

Here’s a sample video made with Creatoon 3.0.

Creatoon allows you to do what’s known as cut-out style animation.  You can draw a paper version of your characters and scenes, scan them, and import them into Creatoon, or you can just draw your stuff as PNG or similar files with a transparent background and import them. 

Creatoon allows parent-child relationships.  What is that?  As an example, a hand would be the child of its parent, the forearm.  The forearm would be the child of its parent, the upper arm, and the upper arm would be the child of its parent, the torso.  This enables you to move the child without affecting its parent, but if you move the parent its child moves with it.  Where some vector based programs allow you to insert bones (but can be difficult to learn), Creatoon has (what I believe to be) the easiest way to put your character together.  You simply place the little blue dot on the point you want to pin to it’s parent, and then move it there.  Your body part can then rotate around this blue dot.  You also have the ability to move it at any time.  What’s the downside to this style?  If you want your character to wave, you have to move the hand, the forearm, and the upper arm, and set them for each frame of your cartoon.  In a vector style with bones you could simply grab the hand and as you manipulate it, the other parts move along with it.

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